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Ischaemic sensitivity of human tissue by single cell RNA seq

Updated January 26, 2024

Assessment of the effect of cold ischaemic time on single cell RNAseq data from human tissues using 10x Genomics 3' single cell RNA sequencing. This project contains data for spleen, oesophagus epithelium and lung parenchyma, three tissues that had previously been reported to have differential sensitivity to ischaemia. Samples were collected into Hypothermasol FRS hypothermic preservation media and dissociated fresh (as soon as possible) or at 12h, 24h, 72h post onset of cold ischaemia in the donor. Single cell and bulk RNA sequencing data was generated at each time point and whole genome sequencing was carried out for each donor.

Anna Wilbrey-ClarkWellcome Sanger Instituteaw24@sanger.ac.uk
Kerstin B MeyerWellcome Sanger Institutekm16@sanger.ac.uk
Elo MadissoonEMBL-EBIem17@sanger.ac.uk
Oliver StegleEMBL-EBIstegle@ebi.ac.uk
Michael JT Stubbington (Co-Investigator)1
Phillipa Harding (Experimental Scientist)1
Anna Wilbrey-Clark (Experimental Scientist)1
Krzysztof Polanski (Computational Scientist)1
Kevin Loudon (Experimental Scientist)2
John R Ferdinand (Experimental Scientist)2
Krishnaa Mahbubani (Clinician)2
Nikitas Georgakopoulos (Clinician)2
Kerstin B Meyer (Principal Investigator)1
Kourosh Saeb-Parsy (Clinician)2
Karol Nowicki-Osuch (Experimental Scientist)3
Rebecca Fitzgerald (Co-Investigator)3
Ricardo J Miragaia (Experimental Scientist)1
Sarah A Teichmann (Co-Investigator)1
Elo Madissoon (Computational Scientist)4
Tracey Andrew (Administrator)1
Anthi Tsingene (Experimental Scientist)1
Emily Relton (Experimental Scientist)1
Liam Bolt (Experimental Scientist)1
Oliver Stegle (Principal Investigator)4
Ni Huang (Computational Scientist)1
1Wellcome Sanger Institute
2University of Cambridge
3MRC Cancer Unit
Mallory Ann Freeberg
Danielle Welter
Marion F Shadbolt
Zinaida A Perova

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